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    Company: AOL
    Target: Homepage –
    Time consumed: 62 minutes.

    AOL is one of my favorite companies and many of your favorite websites are owned by them (TechCrunch, Engadget, Moviefone, Patch, Stylist,TUAW to name a few). I totally disagree with those who are skeptical regarding the company’s prospects. AOL’s homepage should more effectively showcase the different content partners/brands and become a major part of the company’s rebranding. I brainstormed for about an hour, worked with a designer-friend and came out with some ideas.

    *Keep in mind, this is just a quick brainstorming. I am not familiar with their demographics and analytics. Let me know what you think, feel free to share or incorporate any of their ideas to your site.

    Download the full size image. 

    Ideas Walkthrough 

    1. Live local weather updates, what to wear information, traffic information and breaking 1-2

    2. Viral videos trending on the web.

    WOW FACTOR: Top 20 with the most important stories continuously updated. AOL Homepage Ideas by the

    3. Latest stories.

    4. Weekly specials/Advertising.

    5. Trending stories from all around the web – live updates.

    AOL Homepage Ideas by the

    6. Latest local news.

    7. Maps live integration.  AOL Homepage Ideas by the

    8. Top Trending in Social Media. AOL Homepage Ideas by the

    9. Stories from each category.  AOL Homepage Ideas by the


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