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    The Katie show has been running for almost a year now and has had some very good moments and some so so ones. As in every other show, the first season is usually a trial and error. It does take time to find out what show ideas fit best both the TV Host/Hostess and the audience.

    As a TV Director + Ideas Specialist for a Daily, 3-hour live show targeted to women (For 4 years, I had to wake up super super early…Grrrr), I do have the feeling that if they do continue for a 2nd season (I hope so – there is so much trash out there that should be canceled instead!) they should go much bigger!

    Here is what I mean…

    The show is taped in New York City. I wanna hear more about the city. I want to associate the show with a specific place/location. I want to see things happen all over the city (remote links can easily do that). I want to see things that take place outside of the studio. I want the show to rock the city! (More details and ideas about it in a future post!)

    And now…drumroll please…!!! Here is what they should incorporate into the show so that it can become at least a once a week segment!


    This is a very old idea, in which the TV show reunites people live on TV who haven’t seen each other for quite some time. This is actually not my idea at all. Many shows around the world have incorporated this in the past with a great amount of success and huge ratings – among them a very popular show I used to direct in Europe.

    Nowadays, it is actually super big on YouTube as well. Soldiers reunited with their wives, mothers, families and dogs and videos go viral in minutes. Take a look here…7 million hits! And that means that people are still craving for this style of content!

    Here is a mother reuniting with her daughter after 3 years on a German show. (It’s in English).

    If  done the right way it can be a fantastic TV show! In this case, the host/hostess has a very important role, since he/she is the one who has to build the right anticipation for both the audience and the person who is about to be surprised. He/She has to narrate the story like a fairy tale to make the audience be engaged as much as possible and literally become part of it. Of course producers need to do their job as well, choosing great life stories that will lead to a happy ending. Props and other visuals can enhance the whole segment.

    Again, this is an idea that has been around for years, but of course it’s in how its done that makes a difference. Nevertheless, human emotions stay the same through the time and people will always be interested in watching (see YouTube hits).

    Take a look at a show that once ran in Italy for more than a decade “Carramba Che Sorpresa” by the one of the greatest TV personalities ever Raffaella Carra. The show was actually a primetime variety show based on surprises and reuniting people.

    Click here to watch the story of a father who reunites with his son (Great story but it’s in italian). Notice how the hostess narrates the whole story herself to control the emotions and build anticipation. Watch the father’s reaction at the end.

    Bellow you can watch a preview of the show where several surprises take place in fast mode.

    I always believed any content that raises heartbeats and showcases true human emotions can definitely make great television, however, it can very easily become trashy if the right steps are not followed.

    Hope you enjoy it!

    P.S The Katie Couric show has one of the best Social Media teams + Websites out there! Congrats guys!

    P.S I am not familiar with the Katie Show audience demographics and ratings.


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