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    United States is among the most diverse countries in the world. People across every state try to make their dreams come true! Who are they? What are the products made only in America? What are the living differences from one state to the other? Celebrating life and great achievements in the U.S!

    This is a just quick brainstorming (took 25 minutes of my time) and  I believe they can be ideal for morning shows (Good Morning America, Today Show, CBS This morning, New Day  etc. Some of the ideas might have been broadcasted before, since I have been watching them constantly for only the last year. Hope you Enjoy!

    Shocking Differences USA

    We live in a global world…but shocking differences exist even in the same country. $1500 can‘t even rent a studio in New York City, but could rent a whole villa in Texas! A whole family’s budget in Wisconsin is less than double that of a Boston family. How does a mother prepare dinner for her family in Chicago, compared to Alabama, Florida and 10 other states? Does the word “wedding” mean the same thing in New York and Missouri? Does a little girl’s room looks the same across the country? What does a policeman do during his daily routine in Chicago, compared to Nebraska and Mississippi? The differences might shock you! Each episode follows a specific topic from noon to dusk, showcasing the amazing cultural and differences across states.


    Made only in the USA

    IIt’s time to get rid of your Indonesian bedsheets and your Chinese nightstands and save big time! Did you know that by only choosing products made in America, you can actually save cash? Did you know that any product you can dream of is also made in the U.S.? We find the top homes across all states furnished totally by products manufactured outside of America (yes, we actually count everything in the house piece­by­piece) and give them a total U.S.A. make­ over! We discover some of the best American household companies with great history and a greater future, and put them into your homes! You will never imagine how many lives it can change…


    Subway: New York

    An all­access pass to the intense, diverse world of the New York City subway. Get a behind­the­scenes look at the everyday happenings, from the people who work here to the people who rideone of the world’s busiest and most complex underground transportation systems. The subwaystaff, full of strong personalities, struggles to stay calm as employees deal with the stressesof getting 5.2 million passengers safely through the stations every week. MTA Police does its best to secure 468 stations in operation as the system is considered a prime target for terrorist threats. Hundreds of construction sites spring up and close every day, and a slight delay can cause nightmares for everyone involved. Passengers from all over the world have a different story to tell. Something is always going to happen on the subway, from wedding proposals and a “No Pants Subway” day to medical emergencies and criminal attacks. Think you know life in a subway? You might have to reconsider…this is Subway: New York!


    Top 10 in America: First Names

    This is a special segment with a different top 10 list every time! Do you want to find out the top
    10 first/last names in the U.S., their histories, and where they originated? How about the 10 top different ways to cook a burger, or the top 10 foods America gave to the world? The top 10 American whiskeys or the top 10 American game show contestants? The top 10 coolest schools, road trips, small towns and cars of all time? The list goes on and on…celebrating what America has best to offer…celebrating America’s TOP!!!


    Americans Abroad. (Special segment for Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. )

    The lives of Americans abroad. From U.S. consulate personnel and retired Americans around the globe to successful entrepreneurs who live their lives traveling in all continents. What are their struggles? How do they keep contact with home? What do they miss? What took them the longest to get accustomed to in their new culture? For example: we follow the preparation and celebration of Thanksgiving in five different countries where Americans live and share the American spirit.



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