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    Please read only if you think BIG and different!

    There is only one Oprah…and there is a reason why! I’ve been following Oprah and her work for quite some years (15+) and I feel I know the secret to her success. Have you ever seen her interviews?

    Have you noticed that she uses the word “heart”in almost every other sentence!? Oprah, besides her tremendous amount of success and fame, still remains truth to her feelings. She still, at the very end, acts right from her heart! And that’s the best kept secret for success! She also reinvents herself. During the 25 years of her “Oprah” show, she and her team alway try to be a step ahead of the competition and always raised the production value by offering the audience something new! When she decided to end her TV show and made a new start she reinvented herself once again! Of course as in every new beginning there are struggles to overcome but she proved once again that hard work, positive energy, and a big heart will conquer anything!

    The following is a show idea for a live morning variety show, ideally running from 10am to 12pm. I am not familiar with the OWN demographics and ratings, but I think it’s a great idea for a network to be characterized by. Of course the competition of live morning shows is tremendous, as well as the cost, and OWN would probably prefer to stay with their documentary-style programming, but since Oprah always thinks big, I think it might be a great idea for the Network. Finally, I strongly believe Live TV will become even more popular in the coming years, since it’s the only way to stay competitive with the Internet and Online Video.

    Here it goes.

    The show will satisfy the 10 types of that content viewers’ crave. (According to my 11 years experience in creating, directing and producing live complex shows that have been viewed by millions).

    1. Content that reveals secrets

    2. Content that reminds us that dreams come true

    3. Content that reminds us we matter

    4. Content that has unexpected twists

    5. Content that tells us a story

    6. Content that challenges our assumptions

    7. Content that makes us laugh, smile, & cry

    8. Content that satisfies our materialistic needs.

    9. Content that inspires us into action

    10. Content where David defeats Goliath


    Be careful!! The show will build a unique relationship between the network broadcasting the show and the audience.

    It is a show that will deeply characterize the network and will make the viewers bond with the associated brand.


    Title: OWN Morning/Breakfast

    Format: 2 Hour – Live


    Stay at home mothers and fathers

    Work at home males and females.



    *According to the US Census Bureau, in 2010, 13.4 million people worked at least one day at home per week- an increase of over 4 million people (35 percent) in the last decade. (click here for infographic)

    * Nationwide, the number of stay-at-home dads has more than doubled in the past decade

    * Stay at home mothers are more stressed – they need good entertainment

    Where: The show takes place in the amazing city of New York. It is important for the audience to identify the show with a specific city, since the city will be part of the setting of the show. Who wouldn’t want to live in New York or who wouldn’t want to live in the most amazing apartment in New York City? (Viewer’s Crave N.8)

    The ideal location is a large apartment with amazing views of the whole city in a high-rise building. An apartment every single viewer would love to own/rent! The location of the show is one of the most important assets that differentiates this particular show idea with any other show that have been produced before. Also the area around the building is very important, since there is going to be action outside the “apartment – TV studio” as well. The building will become iconic (like the “Friends” building) and people around the country will want to visit the area. The location will become a landmark! Choosing New York can help the show go international as well.

    Hosts: Two main hosts. A girl next door in her 30’s and a boy next door in his 30’s. Friendly, funny with a great heart that can make us both laugh and cry. Above all, real humans with real problems and solutions. They can dance, sing, cook, work out etc. but they are not pros in any of the above. If they have a great life story (Satisfies viewer’s crave N.2) this will be also fantastic…!

    BUT is this enough? No! The whole crew participates with small roles during the show. Floor Directors, Camera operators, Producers play their own unique role in the show (e.g they can be playing games, asked their opinion on a topic, work out all together etc.) – Everybody matters in the show. Everybody is a happy family that will make their viewers laugh, have a fun time and some times even cry. Having different characters is very important.

    The content? The show takes place in an amazing apartment. The host and the rest of the team invite the audience everyday into their magnificent home. The viewers feel like they live inside with them. Viewers can see the apartment live from int/ext shots and feel like they are “spying into their life” every day. Imagine watching LIVE external shots of the city snowing while the apartment where the show takes place is in the background. Imagine seeing the guests take the elevator to get into the show. Imaging having an outdoor area, where during the summer they can work out together, cook, grow their own plants or even have a live concert.

    Imagine laying down in the apartment’s magnificent bedroom and interviewing guests! Imagine if they cook together every day and redecorate the apartment for Christmas time. Imagine if they try all together to lose weight and have the viewers follow them…The ideas and possibilities are endless.

    Here are just some specific segments (5 of them – some of them might have been done before, but it is HOW you do it that matters)

    1. Everyday News – The whole team is sitting in the living room discussing today’s gossip- news (Camera Operators, Floor Directors, Viewers are involved) – Everyday in the living room there are different frames with pictures of the people who made headlines. Every member of the team is holding one of them and discussing their opinion.

    Also a new character is introduced. He/She only talks inside the living room’s TV and notifies the team with the latest news/gossip (Satisfies n1, n4, n7)

    2. Across America – Twice a week the team is connected to a reporter (remote link) that is visiting a different place in the States. The viewers are the ones sending ideas where the reporter should go or what story to present. The viewers get to see places that have never visited before and hear stories that haven’t heard before.

    The reporter at the very end of each segment is surprised by an announcement about where he/she would go next. (Satisfies n4, n7, n9 , n3 )

    3. Guests are in the house – Famous guests visit the apartment. Here is the difference… Every time we present them in a way viewer’s haven’t seen them before. From a relaxed interview laying around the bed, cooking (with ingredients that we just find in the drawers or the viewers decide), working out on the patio to giving tips regarding house cleaning and playing games revealing their secrets with the team. The ideas are endless…Do you want more? e.g The whole team including the celebrity sings a song every Friday just for the fun of it, we “surprise” them over their house through remote link and see how they live and the list goes on and on… (Satisfies all viewer’s cravings) Oh, Did I mention we will be seeing the guests coming through the elevator and ringing the bell? 🙂

    4. Games Games Games – Games are fun. Viewers always like them. Live shows give tons of possibilities for fun games. From games the team can play (like a statistics game where they try to choose what the right number is – even the control room plays) to playing games live with the audience. E.g There is have a huge box full of beans in the house – the viewers try to guess what the number of the beans inside the box is…every time they guess wrong the amount of money or gifts they win increases! I have in mind around 10 more games that will make a big difference…

    Also under games, competitions go as well. Imagine asking the viewers to design for the show the best new year’s eve gown. Then having judges decide the winner, produce the dress through a large department store or clothing company and at the very end actually sell the dress itself. This is just an example.

    5. Real Life Stories – Surprises – Real Life stories and surprises like never before in the U.S TV. Producers find the most amazing stories, the most amazing people. Stories that we have lot’s to learn from and inspire us. Unfinished stories that we make them come true.  Imagine helping an adopted son/daughter find their born mother…Even celebrities surprising their favorite fan but in a way that hasn’t happened before. Imagine taking live on a helicopter to the Yankee stadium where their favorite player is waiting for them! These are stories that celebrate humanity…stories that make us believe in humanity again!

    As mentioned before, these are just some sample ideas. The possibilities are endless. Most importantly this is a show celebrating life, LIVE and making the viewer seeing every day like a new day! Every morning like a new morning.. It can be very addictive!

    Hope you like it!



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