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    The Today Show is like Apple. They got to the #1 spot and then became afraid to innovate in order to not lose their top position! Since most of the ideas I wrote in a previous post about the morning shows apply to the Today Show as well, here is a game idea for the 4th segment of the show. If it’s right it will be a hit!

    This is a game that will captivate America. (There is an issue that the show only broadcasts live on the east side of the country but it can possibly be resolved with the help of the internet). I am thinking of something simple. A huge glass tank outside of the plaza with ‘New York’ apples (fake ones) or anything else the marketing can find (e.g Apple’s promoting with thousands iPhones inside).

    Viewers via the internet – live all the time – , or by calling in – have to guess how many apples/iPhones are in the tank. The exact number!!! Every time they guess incorrectly, the prize amount goes up. It can go on for months, the amount can become really big and the interest of the audience even bigger. Of course there are many technical issues to be resolved, but you understand that my idea is basically based on a game that will keep the audience coming back again and again and again and the amount will get bigger every time, like the Powerball Lottery!!!

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