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    One of the sites, if not the only one,  that really changed the way online content is produced is certainly BuzzFeed. Where shall I start? So many firsts…The first to create unique content using the best from the web. The first to display their content and pics horizontally instead of the annoying galleries. The first to realize no one is clicking on advertising banners anymore and start a more creative, socially engaging way between users and brands. The first to combine politics with Grumpy Cat and do it so well. I can go on and on. Here is where I thought Buzzfeed could innovate as well…

    Investigative Journalism. Yes you heard right!

    You know my love for the subject since I’ve directed and produced a very popular investigation show in Europe. BuzzFeed has a huge audience that could benefit by learning about a whole range of topics, from what’s hiding behind the “all natural” food labels to the online secrets of the real estate agents in New York. I am talking about small details that could make a tremendous difference in our daily lives!

    Of course it needs to be done the BuzzFeed way!

    I will just give one example. A couple months ago there was a big discussion on the internet about the fact that Naked Juice, the all natural Juice that we all loved, include preservatives that don’t make it so natural at all. Most of the time, in order to find out what really is included in a food product all it takes is a chemical analysis in one of those special laboratories. Of course it’s more complicated than that but you get the point. You can find out if they are truthful about what is inside as to the calories and vitamins written on the label. I was eating last night an “all natural” very well known non-fat cottage cheese and I really got nightmares when I took a quick look at the label.

    Take a look at the ingredients…:/



    There are so many industries and products to investigate out there, it’s endless. Let’s not forget online fraud as well, which sometimes is so well planned that even tech-savvy people fall for it. Some of them can be super funny too. I’ve always wanted to make a video taking the same person to different fortune tellers or alternative doctors medicine and hear what they will say…

    The show I produced and directed changed the lives of millions, but most importantly made them more cautious as consumers teaching them to always question before buying. It will definitely be of a high interest here in the U.S as well, since there is a greater choice among products and services and probably a higher rate of fraud as well.

    Lastly,  I believe I read somewhere that BuzzFeed collaborates with CNN (two of my favorite companies together). The above idea could  be a perfect combination for both.

    Hope you enjoy it!



    Update: Apparently BuzzFeed is planning something similar. I just found today (09/25) on their careers section of their site an opening for an investigation journalist! 


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