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    Everyone uses Gmail. If you recall, when it first launched it was very innovative. It was one of those products that will make you forget the one used before right away. Google is still innovating at a very rapid pace – Androids, Chrome, Google Glass, Nexus 7, Chromecast – just to name a few! They’re top on the top of their game. Here is just a small tip for Gmail that just came across my mind and I’d like to share!

    Google PLEASE make the Gmail compose box available in every tab on my Chrome Browser! Let me explain. Many times when I write an email I research about a subject or simply just have to browse to look for some information. Make an option so I can have the compose box in every tab while I surf on my Chrome browser! It can really make a difference. Just keep it as an option. Some people might not like it! (Not sure if html5 supports such a function – will research later – but that’s why you have thousands of programmers – make it a Chrome function, it will rock!)

    Oh, here is another thought that just crossed my mind (I guess that’s why I am called the FreeIdeasGuy! hehe). I am very surprised that no one has implemented a SIMPLE way to use the email version. Big buttons and just the VERY basics in every single language. You will be surprised by the number of users across the world that have just started using email (elderly or new to the computer world) and run into huge difficulties. Just make a simple search online and you will find out…My grandmother is one of them!




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