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    Will you watch Super Bowl on your DVR? Asked no one ever!

    TV Executives out there will very soon have to realize that they must produce more live programming if they want their networks to compete with the world of the Internet.

    Time-shifting DVR, On-Demand, Torrents and Twitter spoilers are among some of the factors that in the next few years will reduce TV viewership even more. Why will I waste an hour to watch Chicago Fire and go through more than 20 minutes of commercial (Just a guess — it’s probably even more) when I can just record it on my DVR and watch it anytime fast-forwarding through the “annoying” breaks?

    Will I do the same for the Oscars or any of my favorite sporting events? How about a live reunion (hint hint) on TV like the ones my girlfriend watches on YouTube and tears up every time?

    Probably not!

    I want to be part of the conversation as it happens. And if the content offered is compelling enough to raise my heartbeat, change me, make me act, make me feel, give me information that I didn’t know before and take me LIVE to places that I can only dream of going… trust me I would certainly watch…and further more, I would share and talk about it!

    Advertisers will be happy too! I would have to watch those commercial in between!

    Nothing can substitute the suspense of live programming. The unexpected feeling that anything is possible and if I miss it I will be like missing the conversation the very next day!

    There have been hundreds of live TV formats throughout the history of Television, especially in Europe (Italian TV among the ones with the biggest variety) that TV executives and their research assistants should look for.

    Of course there are many challenges, especially for live programming and the big networks, since big amount of money needed to be spent and massive amounts of viewers need to watch the first airing. But LIVE programming is worth every chance out there if they want to survive and continue to draw viewers.

    On the other side, online TV networks need to do the same. Just creating a bunch of On-Demand shows is like creating a more luxuriously packaged podcast. Happy 2001! I dream of the time when someone will invest in a live TV network online and basically create a mini version of the Internet but just in live video (From live crowd-funding, a live YouTube reunion, to a Twitter-like Newscast). Technology these days can really make things easier (IP cameras, cheaper streaming etc.)

    I will provide more details about the whole vision in an upcoming article.


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