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    How some small changes can boost Fab’s – and your company’s sales.

    I recently read several online articles regarding how has been going through some struggles and trying to find its right place on the market. As a design aficionado and also buyer of many of their products decided to brainstorm on a couple ideas. This is part of an email I sent over to the team.

    I am a strong supporter of putting the employees — the heart of a company — more out there. They are its main asset after all…

    Here it goes!

    My strategy is about “educating” the U.S market more when it comes to design and also boosting Fab’s heartbeat a bit. Becoming more human-like and reminding consumers that there is an amazing team behind it willing to help them transform their lives with the help of great design.

    1.  Design a room with FAB – Every week, 4 empty white walls get transformed LIVE to a fabulous room. You could crowd-source the type of rooms and the design items. Experts give advice/tips live.

     2.  The U.S has a huge gap when it comes to affordable modern designer furniture. Online sites sell very similar products and everything different is quite expensive.  Essential to design and sell more of your own unique line at FAB.  I love what does in Europe. I’m sure logistics would be tough, but you’ve already got the right audience. Someone will do it right at some point and will get a big share of the market).

    3.  Would love to see more of the team. Who is really behind it all? Why do they love a specific product so much?  Every week pick specific products and produce simple videos of the FAB team talking about them.. Three positive things about it. People learn from their expertise. Users are able to see the product through a different perspective and your customers realize that there are real people behind it all, loving and using Fab’s products.

     4. Making videos. Some products won’t just sell no matter how fabulous the picture is. Videos, even very short ones, can make a huge difference and give a more realistic 3D perspective. How can they be used in our daily life? What is so great about them? Can they solve a daily problem?  Can a simple accent vase change a whole room? What is so unique about a specific material?  It’s very important to emphasize the practicality and how design can transform our lives in small and big ways.

    5. More variety! I know you do your BEST but I strongly believe in investing more time on looking for even more unique artists and products and not only offering them to your customers but also provide more details/inside about them. (How they were made etc.). Keep an eye on great selection of products (I am sure you already know it lol).

    6. Give Back – Once a month the FAB teams Renovates an apartment of a family in need. – Self Explanatory.

    7.  Find the next Fab Star Consumer! A Fab Investigative team scans and presents FAB’s greatest customers. What is so great about their living space? How items that were bought from FAB transformed their living space? What decorating and not only tips do they have to offer?

    8.  Lastly;  A reminder!  More Fab pop up stores in as many cities as possible.  Even if it’s just an one piece special event. Even if it’s a small store with some samples. I am sure it may be tough logistically, but I feel it’s important to have a real presence and showcase these amazing items in person.


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